Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Salman Khan in 2006. The organization has transformed into a platform where millions of people can obtain a world-class education for free. Khan Academy has been hailed as a revolution in education and is the world’s biggest classroom with over 365 million lessons delivered so far. Khan Academy’s aim is to provide a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the collaboration with the We Have Hope Foundation (هيله لرو), Khan Academy’s platform and courses are now available in Pashto.

Between 40 and 50 million people around the world speak Pashto as a native language. In addition to Afghans, 9.6 million people speak Pashto in Pakistan. Pashto is also spoken in parts of Tajikistan. The goal of the We Have Hope Foundation (هيله لرو) is for individuals all around to have access to Khan Academy’s educational resources in Pashto. Khan Academy Pashto will offer math videos and exercises in early math and grade level mathematics.

With the assistance of a team of dedicated Pashto translators, the We Have Hope Foundation (هيله لرو)’s aim is to recreate the Khan Academy math videos in Pashto. Our dedicated team of translators will complete basic math and website translations and implement Khan Academy Pashto videos to underprivileged schools with Pashto speaking students where anyone can get free world class education at their own pace whenever and wherever they want.

In collaboration with Khan Academy, We Have Hope Foundation (هيله لرو)’s the long-term goal of the Pashto translation project is to launch full-featured Khan Academy platform in Pashto. Khan Academy’s efforts enable learners all over the world to adopt self-paced, mastery-based learning through thoughtful use and the implementation of the resources and tools offered for free by Khan Academy on sites like Khan Academy Pashto.



Wakil Ahmad Hamidi

“ Khan Academy in the Pashto Language is exciting news for us, we should follow it and support it too!

خان اکاډمي په پښتو ژبه کي زموږ لپاره یو په زړه پوری خبر دی، موږ یې باید تعقیب کړو او هم یې تقویه کړو!”


Samiullah Hazraty

“ دا دیر ښه کار دی تر څو پوری خپلی پښتو ژبی ته او پښتنو ته د تعلیم په برخه کی حدمت وشی او د بل طرفه اسانتیاوی ورته برابری شی
بیا هم مننه د زیار ویستونکو او مبارزو ملګرو څخه چی خپل مسولیت یی په ښه شکل سره ادا کړی دی الله ج دی ورته نور هم ددی ستر ویاړ د پرمخ بیولو توفیق ورکړی


Maiwand Akbari

“ Great platform for seekers of knowledge with depth of resources and educational videos for all ages and disciplines. ”